Signs of the Times: DC Demonstration

"Public debate by poster is not a very illuminating form of discussion."--McGeorge Bundy, Feb. 16, 1962

Project Washington posters:

Civil Defense--The Grand Illusion

Don't Bury Democracy--No CD

Disarmament with Inspection and Control

Peace is our Only Shelter

Nuclear Testing Kills

Say No to Going Underground

Race for Peace, Not Arms

Fallout is a Crime Against Our Children

We Oppose All Nuclear Tests, East and West

Atmospheric Testing is Unnecessary, Belligerent, Immoral

Tell Your Congressman How You Feel About Disarmament

CD is Surrender to Nuclear War

Think: Don't Imitate the Russians

Peace Will Save 100%

Let's Not Imitate Soviet Terrorism

Weapons for Peace?

Shelters Lead to Bigger Bombs

Millions for Missiles, How Much for Peace?

Public Opinion Can Win the Peace

Shelters Will Not Save Us

Disarmament with Inspection

Test U.S. Leadership, Not H-Bombs

The Deeper the Shelter, the Bigger the Bomb

The Arms Race or the Human Race

There is No Defense but Disarmament with Inspection

Hiroshima Nevermore

Man is Not a Mole

Neither Victims Nor Executioners--Camus

Mr. President: We Support the Peace Race

For Peace With Freedom

Mr. Kennedy: We Support Your Words, Give Us a Chance to Support Your Action

Join Us in a Free Discussion of Cold War Issues

No Extermination Without Representation

Peace or Pieces

Repeal the Connally Reservation

Let Us Call a Truce to Terror

We Challenge the Soviet Union to a Peace Race

The Only Thing We Have to Fear . . .

Make the World Safe for Humanity

Peace Without Security is Not Peace

The Shelter Program--A Cruel Deception

Peace is a Political Issue

Unjust Laws Exist--Thoreau

We Condemn Both Soviet and U.S. Testing

Every Test Kills

That These Dead . . .

Young Americans For Freedom posters:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Pacifism is Cowardice

Strike for Strength

Isn't Freedom Worth Defending?

Total Victory Over the Russian-Marxist Plot

We Will Bury You

They're Not Red. They're Yellow

Pacifism Spawns Communism

They Test, We Test

I Like Nike

Fallout or Sellout--Choose

Missiles, Not Missives

Keep America Strong

Better Brave Than Slave

Test Si, Disarm No

Negotiate From Strength, Not Fear

Better Fed than Red

Where's Eleanor?

American Nazl posters:

Cream and Sugar, Please, Jack

Peace Creeps are Either Red or Yellow