ti-War Lobby

Leo Szilard's plan for abolishing through "the most powerful lobby hit Washington" has forged ahead proposal here in November.

head of the lobby will be a small of distinguished scientists, "sweet voice of reason" to the , Szilard told the Law School four months ago. Anyone could a member of the hopefully mas-movement by pledging two per cent income to support it.

in Cambridge has probably as great as that from the rest country, commented Michael a University graduate student in charge of publicity for this area. was waiting for at least 25,000 before going ahead, and now it like he will have his council in six weeks," added Brower.

speech at Harvard was followed by at Swarthmore. Western Reserve, University of Chicago, where is professor of Biophysics. He also spoken at Sarah Lawrence, the University of California at the University of Oregon, Reed, SANE rally in Los Angeles.

"Rare Combination"

response to the movement has "optimistic." A revised version of Harvard speech has been re-broadcast, printed and many times.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, board of sponsors includes J. Rob-openhelmer and Linus Pauling, will the talk in April. Commonweal, the idea's "rare combination of and hard practicality," hoped Szilard was "right in believing that movement will attract millions of Americans."

Requirements have been made as possible. Those in high income can pledge three per cent of incomes after taxes, rather than two before, and there are special for students.

Szilard, who, with Enrico Fermi, the first sustained nuclear reaction led directly to the development of bomb, now devotes full time to the .

hopes to pass his goal of 25,000 as possible.