Penn Drops ; Paper Is Back in Print

Application of the Daily Pennsylvanian assumed yesterday without student financial support.

Yesterday's Pennsylvanian contained expressing appreciation to college newspapers for, their suggesting that the university have acted differently. In addition, titled "Abolish Student Government--II" continued the paper's the student governing body.

Thought today's issue was an ." Richard Pegnetter, president Men's Student Government, stated. wish to ask for abolition of student government. It's fine with me, so they keep it in the editorials."

delighted they're back in print," F. Longley, University of Pennsylvania Dean of Men, told the CRIMSON; that a resolution has been ."

Goldstein, former editor-in-chief, on probation.

withholding university funds, the government continues to express of the present executive of the but when the new take office on Thursday, financial will be resumed. "If we can on advertising funds," a Pennsylvanian staff member told the CRIMSON, publish until March 8."

Wednesday, a total of 7,000 from Columbia University, the of and Lehigh fooded Pennsylvania campus. article the suspension university.

Wednesday evening of paper, student government, and officials succeeded in restoring of the Pennsylvanian.