This community can rejoice over the Ford Foundation's recently announced grant of $500,000 to WGBH-TV, Boston's educational television station. But the Foundation's action represents more of a challenge than a gift. With half a million dollars of individual contributions raised before the end of 1962, WGBH will have more money than it originally expected to need, in its quick estimates after fire destroyed the station's studios.

The station, sponsored by several local institutions including Harvard University, will then be back on its feet, and will be able to resume its educational service to Greater Boston at full capacity, only if those in the area match the Ford grant. The response to WGBH's original needs was most encouraging and, according to the station's president, inspired Ford's willingness to help. The people of Boston--and of the Harvard community--can take pride in their quick assistance to what has become the finest station of its kind in the country. At the same time, those who appreciate Channel 2's contribution in the area must look ahead and match the Ford Foundation's confidence in the station.