Cliffe College Council Delays Approval of RGA

Radcliffe College Council yesterday action on the Government constitution and by-laws .

The delay means that the RGA will to operate provisionally until the end of the term and will not have to change the College's social next September.

President Bunting stressed last night that the Council, which is the governing board of Radcliffe, considered the and bylaws carefully before making its decision. "We took the problem very seriously," she emphasized.

Not "Impossible"

There is no attitude that the constitution is impossible or unworkable," President Bunting said. "We just feel has to be in better shape before we can give it final approval." She noted that several members of the Council gave specific suggestions for revising the constitution, but declined at this time what they were.

didn't have copies of the by-laws today," she pointed out, "and the council members wanted more time to consider them." Because the board had many other matters to discuss yesterday, "even if the by-laws had been ready earlier, we might not have had sufficient time to act on them." President Bunting said she assumes the RGA will continue working on its proposals for revising the College's social rules. "If the students want any specific changes before June, they can bring their requests to the Administration and we will consider them carefully," she commented.

The College Council will hold its next meeting on Monday, June 4. If the members decide not to pass the RGA constitution at that time, action will be deferred again until September. In either event, the RGA will not become official before next Fall.

Originally, the officers of the RGA had intended to present the constitution and by-laws to the College Council at its meeting in April. Late in March, however, President Bunting told the students that the Council would be unable to act before May, and possibly not until June. At that time, she expressed doubt as to whether the by-laws would be completed before the end of the term.