Hughes Says Students Inspired His Running

H. Stuart Hughes said last night that contact with students and student opinion had been one of the main factors in his decision to run for the Senate. Hughes, an Independent, addressed an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 at Tocsin's meeting at 2 Divinity Ave.

"If I had not been a faculty sponsor for Tocsin, and understood the sentiment for and disarmament growing among the young, I would never have embarked on this undertaking," Hughes said. He added that last February's Project Washington peace march "inspired" him.

Hughes said he had been encouraged by the response he and other speakers had received at a conference on the "ideologically moribund" Northwestern University campus. "Speakers who stressed peace, anti-discrimination and the growth of a new American left got the greatest response," he declared. "If that could happen at Northwestern, something was clearly happening in the country." Two weeks after the conference decided to run.