Harriers Eye Big Three Crown; Face Easy Contest at Dartmouth

With star runners Bill Crain and John Ogden working back into shape after costly injuries, the Crimson harriers have a good chance to sweep all their meets until the Heptagonals, picking up the Big Three title on the way.

Ogden, whom coach Bill McCurdy considers this year's "bonus," took his first workout since his injury yesterday and Crain, whose performance against Penn and Columbia was his first real effort in a week, should be in shape for Friday's meet with Dartmouth. Captain Ed Meehan ran his strongest race of the year against the Lions and Quakers. And sophomore ace Walt Hewlett, who joins Meehan and Crain in McCurdys "Big Three," has performed well all season. Hewlett's main problem is such spectacular first times that no one is satisfied when he runs a merely good race.

Hewlett's fellow sophomores Langdon Burwell, Dave Allen, Tom Black and Roger Smith should continue to back up the "Big Three." They still must prove, however, that they can be effective against the opposition they will encounter in the Big Three and Heptagonal meets.

Dartmouth, the Crimson's next opponent, probably has too little depth to pose much of a threat. Yale does not seem dangerous, but the Bulldogs rely heavily on sophomores, who may develop very rapidly. The harriers can expect more of a battle from Princeton, a team with potentially good depth and a strong first man.

Harvard will encounter considerably more trouble in the Heptagonals. There, coach McCurdy's runners will come up against Navy's apparently great depth, and Army's Bill Straub, one of the best runners in the East. In addition, the Crimson will have to face its early-season conquerors, Brown and Cornell. Brown's Farley and Boog are very dangerous, and Cornell's Byard is the only man this year to defeat Hewlett. If the Big Red's Steve Machooka is serious about his comeback, he will become the man to beat in both the Heptagonals and the IC4A.

As things now stand, Harvard has no chance at all for the IC4A title, but if Hewlett, Meehan and Crain are in top form, any or all of them can finish near the top of the pack.