Mysterious Goblins Disturb Yard, Quad

No one seemed to know what went wrong at Radcliffe last night, but some girls thought that the answer lay in the cemetery on Garden Street. Others called it the lunacy of the full moon.

As the pale orb rose over the Quad, broomsticks mysteriously appeared in the bicycle racks outside of Barnard. An unidentified body was found hanging from the Moors tower. Eight feet of anthropoid shredded newspaper stole through Cabot's main floor.

Early in the evening the ghouls of Schneider's Band invaded Lamont and disturbed a terrified group of Library lodgers with the Brandenburg Suite. But the band was received more warmly 12 blocks to the north, where 'Cliffies swooned over "Harvardiana" and cheered at the Record-American's "wild parties."

In the wee hours the square was quiet but mysterious goings-on continued elsewhere. The last event reported was the materialization of bathroom tissue on the walls of Comstock's dining hall.

The girl at the Barnard bells desk greeted the night's chaos with disinterest. She had her Chem 1 problems to do. "Besides," she said, "it's only Halloween."