Galluccio Requests Recount in School Committee Election

Anthony Galluccio '39, the Cambridge school committeeman defeated Nov. 5 in a bid for a fourth term, filed a recount petition yesterday with the Board of Election Commissioners.

Edward J. Samp, Jr., a member of the four-man board, said that the recount would probably begin Nov. 25 and be finished within three days. Samp said the City would have to spend about $4000 to hire the 60 or more workers needed to make the count.

Police detective William G. Maher, who narrowly missed election to the City Council, let his Thursday deadline go by without filing a petition. Maher reportedly decided not to seek a recount in the Council election in order to save the City money.

Galluccio finished seventh in the school-committee race, missing re-election by 87 votes.