Construction on Charles Threatens College Crew

University officials have been unsuccessful in attempts to head off two construction programs which could seriously hamper crew practice and other athletic activities on the Charles River, the CRIMSON learned yesterday.

The Boston University sailing team has received permission from the Metropolitan District Commission to build a new sailing pavilion on the Charles near the B.U. campus, despite several requests from Harvard that it be built further down-river, below the Massachusetts Ave. Bridge.

Boston University has agreed to cancel sailing from March 15 to May 15 any day when an actual crew race is scheduled, but Thomas D. Bolles, director of Athletics, said yesterday that the B.U. sailboats will make daily crew practice much more difficult.

Bolles said that over the years there have been occasional collisions between crew shells and sailboats, and he indicated that such accidents could become more frequent with a full B.U. sailing program.

Bolles also expressed concern over plans of William F. Callahan, chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, to fill in a section of the Charles near the Boston University bridge as a roadbed for his turnpike extension into Boston.

Callahan intends to fill up 11 acres of the River across from Magazine Beach, and several engineers have indicated that such action may lower considerably the level of water in the Charles basin and in the river itself as it flows past Harvard.

Callahan is now negotiating with the M.D.C. over the final route of the Mass. Turnpike extension, but many observers believe he will win his battle to fill in the Charles. Bolles said that although he is opposed to Callahan's plans, any further University action will have to await the outcome of the current controversy between Callahan and the M.D.C.