Inquiry Fails To Locate Causes Of Food Poisoning

An investigation by the Department of Environmental Health has thus far failed to discover the cause of numerous cases of food poisoning which occurred in Adams House last week, Wilfred B. Krabek, sanitary inspector, reported yesterday.

At least 18 students in the House reported cases of diarrhes, vomiting, or other intestinal disorders last Wednesday. Several linked the illness to the Krabek dinner which was served Tuesday night, but there was no immediate evidence to support this thesis.

Questionnaires asking students whether they had been sick, and what--and where they had eaten prior to the illness were distributed in Adams House last week. But as of yesterday only about 40 had been returned, Krabek said.

The Department of Environmental Health has also collected a limited number of stool specimens, as well as bacteriology samples from the dining hall had nose and throat cultures from dining hall employees. However, the clinical costs have not been able to isolate the cause of the food poisoning.

In the dining hall, meanwhile, House members generally forgot about the illness and queued up for seconds as usual. Only occasional envious remarks about the great food at Quincy House" interrupted the clatter of silverware and the gargle of the automatic milk machine.