Harvard College Fund Initiates Pledge Drive Among Students of '63

The Harvard College Fund has begun a campaign to get members of the Class of '63 to pledge contributions to next fall's Fund drive.

David Rockefeller, Jr. '63, first class marshal, sent letters to all seniors yesterday asking them to declare their intention "to give something in response to a written request next fall." Students are asked to pledge a definite amount to give for each of their first three years as alumni.

Charles A. Janeway, Jr. '63, class agent from Adams House, said yesterday that the Fund had fixed no specific goal for the drive. Eighteen agents, two from each House, will collect the pledges in a few days.

The Rockefeller letter stresses the responsibility of students to support Harvard. "Ours has been an exceptionally fine education, and, to a great extent, gifts of our predecessors have made it possible," it says. "Only as long as we can sustain a generous level of graduate support will Harvard continue as both a democratic and a private institution."

The Fund's goal this year is $2 million. It has provided $900 per student annually to pay for instructors, athletic facilities, and scholarships, the letter reports.