The Mail

To the editors of the CRIMSON:

Perhaps Richard B. Ruge feels that he is qualified to suggest that Norman Shepard, Harvard's varsity baseball coach, is "strictly bush league;" and apparently he even believes that can refer to the varsity baseball team as a bush-league outfit. Yet on the strength of his article in the CRIMSON (May 9) it would appear that, if anyone, it is Mr. Ruge himself who is "strictly bush."

The judgement by Mr. Frazier in his Herald column was based on a misunderstanding over an incident in the game with Brandeis University. I personally talked to the columnist following the publication of this statement and found him most willing not only to accept my explanation of the situation but also to admit that, in fact, Coach Shepard is a man of "major-league" calibre. In quoting Mr. Frazier without explanation or amplification, Mr. Ruge has brought before the Harvard audience an incident which should have been ignored and forgotten. Conceived in error, it should have died in obsurity. Apparently Mr. Ruge was anxious to have a "catchy" lead for his article; he should, however, have investigated the circumstances behind Mr. Frazier's comment before he brought such an outrageous statement to the full attention of the Harvard community.

Furthermore, because the CRIMSON is a Harvard publication, it seems rather unusual that Mr. Ruge failed even to mention the fine hurling of sophomore Tom Rucker. . . .

Yet the article by Mr. Ruge was objectionable not merely because it was in bad taste. There were, in fact, several reporting errors in this story, mistakes which would indicate that this reporter was perhaps not even in attendance at the game. For example, Mr. Ruge should know that pitcher Joyce struck out fourteen not fifteen Crimson hitters. Furthermore, the Crusader hurler did not strike out four men in succession on two different occasions during the game. Moreover, Mr. Ruge might be better informed if he knew that Terry Bartolet, not Dick Diehl is captain of varsity baseball. . . . William W. Cutler III '63   Manager, varsity baseball

Mr. RUGE replies: I did not state that Coach Shepard is "strictly bush"; I merely wrote that in the Holy Cross game, the baseball team was strictly bush. Mr. Cutler's quarrel is with Mr. Frazler, and he should write to him at the Boston HERALD.

I was indeed in attendance throughout the entire game, especially the ninth inning.