University Picks Junior Fellows

The University has announced the election of eight Junior Fellows, and true to the trend of recent years, all but two of them are scientists.

Junior Fellows are given three years of complete freedom to use the University's resources as they choose in their own fields of interests.

The Junior Fellows for 1963-66 are: Howard C. Berg of Iowa City, Ia., now a graduate student at Harvard, to study chemical physics; William H. Bossert of Cambridge, Mass., also Harvard, mathematical biology; John H. Harbison of Princeton, N.J., and Princeton University, music; and Robert C. Hartshorne of Cambridge, Mass., and Harvard, mathematics.

They also include: James F. Hays of Belmont, Mass., and Harvard, to study geology; Bruce H. Jackson of Fords, N.J., now studying at Indiana University, comparative literature; Saul A. Kripke of Omaha, Neb., now at Oxford, mathematical logic and philosophy; and Kenneth L. Nordtvelt, Jr., of Arlington, Mass., and M.I.T., theoretical physics.