Univ. Debates Yearbook On Lease Terms

Yearbook Wants Garage Location

The Yearbook is still anxious to build new offices stop the Masters' Garage, but has been unable to agree with the University on the terms of a lease, Robert H. Loeffier '64-4, president of Harvard Yearbook Publications, said yesterday.

Loeffier said the University had promised to let the yearbook build above the garage, but had not yet agreed to the permanent lease that the publication insists it must have.

The University has asked the Yearbook to compile a complete dossier on the publication's financial and legal status in preparation for talks with L. Gard Wiggins, Administrative Vice President, Loeffier said.

In earlier discussions with the University, he said, the Yearbook has been seeking assurance that it will not be evicted from its new quarters, as it fears it may be if the University decides to add to the Masters' Garage. "Before we do anything on building, we want to work out a permanent lease, so we won't be putting up a nice little building for the University," Loeffier said.

Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for Resources and Planning, who has been negotiating with the Yearbook, yesterday declined to comment on the talks.

WHRB had originally planned to build a one-story addition to the garage, which is located between Winthrop and Leverett Houses, at the corner of Mill and Plympton Streets. Last Fall the Yearbook announced plans to join the radio station in the new building; recently, however, WHRB decided it would rather move its studios to the basement of Memorial Hall.

The Yearbook wants to move because of overcrowding in its present quarters at 52 Dunster St. It also dislikes sharing its rooms with the Office of Graduate and Career Plans for four months each year.