Ski Instruction Included In PT Sports For Winter

The Harvard athletic department has added skiing to its program, Physical Training Director Nathan Parker disclosed yesterday.

This winter the college will provide instruction for a limited number of undergraduates at the Boston Hill Ski Area, a half hour from Cambridge. The instruction will be given twice a week for two weeks in January, three weeks in February, and two weeks in March.


"This definitely represents a broadening of our program," Parker said. Before this year there had been several ski clubs at Harvard and Radcliffe, but the students participating usually had to pay for their transportation and instruction. The only cost in the new program will be a rental charge for those who cannot provide their own equipment.

In addition, the Harvard ski team, until now an informal group, is receiving financial support from the university this year.

Dunn to Teach

Parker explained that the program will include either fifty students taking two lessons a week or one hundred students taking one lesson a week. The instruction will be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be directed by Robert Dunn of the Boston Hill Ski Area.

Freshmen, who will receive PT credit for their skiing, will have priority for half the places in the group if the program is oversubscribed.

Many Beginners

Parker anticipated that the new program would attract primarily beginning skiers, novices, and intermediate skiers. He stressed, however, that the program was available to all Harvard undergraduates.

A questionnaire available at the Physical Training Office asks each applicant specific questions concerning his skiing capabilities.