NINE RADCLIFFE GIRLS will be out at Fenway Park tonight reliving their moments of teen-age glory as they cheer the Boston Patriots on to victory before some 30,000 odd fans. They may well be frozen to death, ignored by the fans or trampled by an errant player, but these dangers only make it seem all the more worthwhile to them.

Since this is the first time in memory Radcliffe has ever cheered any team, the nine hope that Harvard, stung by jealousy perhaps, will finally relent and let the 'Cliffe cheer the ten thousand in the Stadium. Though the prospects are remote, their practices sound like they mean it. The ancient walls of the Radcliffe Gym resound with their cries and Patriot anthems, and few go away unimpressed by the obvious sincerity of their "mash 'em" cheer.

Admirers, cheer conoisseurs, and the curious may purchase tickets ($250 and up) at the Fenway Park box office.