The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I withheld communication to you until the Combined Charities Drive was well underway so that this letter would not be construed as interfering in student processes at Harvard.

I appreciate the sentiments expressed in letters to you by Anthony Graham-White, Barbara Easton and David Kotz and am glad for the clarification expressed in the letter from Benjamin Stapleton and Charles Stern, officers of the Combined Charities, with reference to the CRIMSON story of Oct. 28, 1964 which suggested that the American Friends Service Committee has "political overtones" which this year would make it ineligible for Combined Charities endorsement.

By arrangement with Mr. Stapleton, the AFSC supplied all drive solicitors with a statement explaining the facts and I think it is appropriate to state them briefly here. It may be properly said that the AFSC spends all its money to promote peaceful conditions at home and abroad, although the programs are of diverse and manifold direction. In no sense do we concede that our work has "political overtones" as distinct from religious (which this year would have made us ineligible), humanitarian or educational overtones. We do not operate in politics, although, like every other human institution, we operate in the political sphere.

We have nondenominational employment, program and participation policies.

We invite direct inquiry at our 44-A Brattle Street office and specifically invite students to become acquainted with James Howard, our College Program Director.

We are grateful for support, this year, in past years and in future years from Harvard and Radcliffe students and faculty. Needless to say, we will be gratified if future decisions of the Combined Charities Drive include the endorsement of the AFSC. John A. Sullivan '38   Executive Secretary   New England Office, AFSC