Lawrentian Goofs Up, Misquotes Own Prexy

A typographical error, as well as sex, is plaguing Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisc.

The weekly newspaper there, the Law rentian, apologized recently for "unintentionally and unconsciously" misquoting President Curtis W. Tarr in an interview. Tarr had been quoted as saying, "If we were to superimpose upon the Lawrence campus--given our facilities--the present rules of a school like Harvard, we would attract here at this midwestern setting the kind of student who attends Harvard."

What he actually said, it turns out, is "we would attract . . . the kind of student who wouldn't be anything near the kind of student who attends Harvard."

The Lawrentian's editor explained that he realized there had been an error "only when I saw Dr. Tarr's words reprinted in another context."

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