The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The reporting of my talk at Lowell House was generally excellent but I was uneasy about the statement"...Spock...discouraged people from idealistic backgrounds from feeling guilty about sex." This is a condensation which suggests something different from the point I was trying to make. Sexuality in human beings is incredibly complex. In families with higher education and higher ideals it is more strongly repressed in childhood and adolescence, more sublimated throughout life. It is infused with tenderness, devotion, inspiration, and also guilt. It is the principal force behind scholarly, scientific, and creative drives. The patterns vary, of course, in different individuals and eras. In times of greater freedom the person of either sex who senses that for him it is better to reserve the expression of physical love until he is ready for a deep devotion is sometimes made to feel inadequate by his friends, his dates, and the stories be hears. But he needn't. His pattern in one which is particularly apt to foster a life of high satisfaction and achievement. Benjamin Spock.