Best Sellers in the Square

The following is a compilation of best sellers reported by Barnes & Noble, the Harvard Cooperative Society, the Paperback Booksmith and Phillips Book Store.



Kim, The Martyred

Kirst, Reuben, Reuben

Le Carre, Spy Who Came in from the Cold

McCarthy, The Group

O'Connor, I was Dancing

Remarque, The Light in Lisbon


American Heritage and U.P.I., Four Days

Bishop, A Day in the Life of President Kennedy

Dahlberg, Because I was Flesh

Hochhuth, The Deputy

Kennedy, Profiles in Courage

Packard, Naked Society

Reid, Green Felt Jungle



Fielding, Tom Jones

Hesse, Magister Ludi

McCarthy, Groves of Academe

Rechy, City of Night

Salinger, Franny and Zooey

Updike, The Centaur


BOAC, Let's Go Europe

Friedan, Feminine Mystique

Harrington, The Other America

Lewis, Children of Sanchez RCAF Manual

Snow, Two Cultures


What a jewel he had won for his treasury!

A memory thorny as porcupines,

Hard as a gallstone. His bad dream, distilled

From such ingredients as moonshine, lovers' sweat

And the purr of voices husky with self-deception,

Slept like a tumor--arrested, of course, or no hope

To survive at all. Yet, though the growth lay still

And was hard to remember at the best of times,

It wakened to supply him with a twinge wheb

He was tired, a bleeding in despair,

A paralysis when prostrate. Could any man.

So burdened not cringe with pride, possessor of

So shining, so eradicable a sorrow?

From Davison's The Breaking of the Day (Winner of Yale Series of Younger Poets Award).