City Council, Mayor to Get Traffic Study

The University will send the Harvard Square traffic study recommending a major building program to relieve traffic congestion in the Square to Mayor Edward A. Crane '35, the Cambridge City Council, and various Square business organizations this week, L. Gard Wiggins, administrative vice-president, announced yesterday.

Wiggins hinted broadly that the University will support most of the report's proposals which include a pedestrian bridge between the Yard and Memorial Hall and extensive use of one-way streets in the Square area.

Specifics Not Considered

The University, the Harvard Trust Company, and the Harvard Cooperative Society sponsored the study conducted by the Boston, engineering firm of Bruce Cambell and Associates. Wiggins said the "inference is that the three organizations that financed the study support its recommendations." He cautioned, however, that the University had not actually evaluated all the specific recommendations.

In the 75-page report, the Boston firm suggests a three-phase system of improvements designed to avoid "major land-takings or disruptions to the economic, social, and educational life of the Square."

It specifically recommends closing off Kirkland St. north of Mem, Hall; making Massachusetts Ave., Mt. Auburn St. Boylston St., and Brattle and Eliot Sts. one way; extending Cambridge St at its western end; and putting through a new road between Garden St. and Memorial Drive.