Dope Peddlers Push in Square, Vellucci Informs City Councillors

Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci continued his battle for a healthier Harvard in the City Council yesterday with an emphatic denunciation of alleged dope peddling in the Square area.

During the discussion on adding policemen to Square partrols, Vellucci told the Council that drugs were being sold in the Square between the hours of 1 and 4 a.m. He said his source of information was "a very influential and substantial person" at Harvard.

Vellucci informed the Council that after talking to his source on May 13, he had communicated the information to John J. Droney, District Attorney for Middlesex County.

Dean Watson said last night that the University "would not tolerate" the use of dope by any students. He emphasized that national, state, and city police officials were constantly on the lookout for any peddling in the Square area and that the University was always willing to cooperate with the various agencies. But Watson indicated there was nothing alarming in the present situation.

Reportedly, one person was apprehended in Cambridge several months ago for illegal possession of drugs.

Earlier this year, six Brandeis students, including one coed, were arrested on the Waltham campus for illegal possession of marijuana. The six received suspended sentences--conditional on good behavior--from a local court.