Law Students Choose Covergirl First 'Instant Pudding' Awardee

A group of Law School students has decided that what Harvard needs is a Newsweek covergirl. The students, who call themselves "Instant Pudding, or the Ad Hoc Committee to Bring Vicki Albright to Harvard," are now raising money to bring the U.C.L.A. coed to Cambridge the week after spring vacation.

According to Herbert J. Rogers 2L a spokesman for the group, Miss Albright's picture on the cover of Newsweek's "Campus '65" issue reminded him of the need to "dedicate yourself to something totally foolish." He and some friends responded to this "visceral reaction" by phoning Miss Albright, a drama major. "We're inviting her because she's there," Rogers explained.

'Miss Due Process'

The Ad Hoc Committee first considered naming Miss Albright "Miss Due Process" or "Miss Legal Development," but they have finally decided on "Woman of the Year."

After consulting with her agent, Miss Albright decided that she was "very interested." The agent said that this was "one offer she would accept out of the many that wore made." "It's like Moon Maid coming to Harvard, if you read "Dick Tracy," Rogers crowed.

Rogers estimates that it will cost about $500 to bring Miss Albright to Cambridge. Newsweek may provide part of the money, but Instant Pudding will have to whip up the rest. They plan to see Dean Watson and the appropriate Law School administrators today about soliciting in the Houses and in the Graduate School.

Miss Albright is a junior and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She had planned to stay at the KKG house here, but since there is none, Rogers said, "the members of the Ad Hoc Committee are vying for the privilege of handling this particular detail."