Alpert Lectures At the Vanguard

NEW YORK CITY, April 20--Ex-professor Richard Alpert made his debut as a performer tonight at the Village Vanguard.

Morally supported by many friends among the 100 people gathered in the walk-down nightclub. Alpert casually discussed psychedelie "Inner space" and his experiences in the practice of "going out of your mind to get into your head."

Alpert said that taking psychedelie drugs could be dangerous, but that one shouldn't be afraid of them. He compared the "adventure" of the journey into inner-space is flying a plane. Just as a pilot must know how to land as well as how to take off. Albert explained a drug user must know how to "re-enter his mind once he has left it."

In addition to performing at the Vanguard, Alpert, together with Timothy Leary, a co-worker at Harvard, have started a Wednesday night question and answer session at the Hotel Albert. He said that the first session last week was so well-attended that 100 people were turned away.

Alpert described his chief motivations for taking to the stage.

"I haven't had a job in a long time."