Mrs. Bunting Returning to 'Cliffe Today

The entire Radcliffe staff will assemble in Fay House this morning to welcome back Mrs. Mary I. Bunting, President of the college.

Mrs. Bunting, who has been on leave with the Atomic Energy Commission for a year, resumed her official duties on July 1. For the past two weeks, she has been representing Radcliffe at a conference of education leaders in Aspen, Colorado.

Mrs. Helen H. Gilbert, who served as Acting President, will now devote her full attention to her position as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Mrs. Gilbert often referred to her role during the past year as a "stewardship," noting that the course had already been charted for her. "My job was to steer the ship," she said recently.

Mrs. Bunting, arriving from Colorado this morning, says she will apply "insights gained during her leave of absence" to her administration of the College.

Speaking at Radcliffe's Commencement exercises June 16, she explained that her year in Washington and her contact with discussions of the Great Society had convinced her of the need of "viewing things in an international frame-work." At that time, Mrs. Bunting described her reasons for returning to Radcliffe as "not at all negative."

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my year in Washington," she said "but the things I'm most interested in doing next are in Cambridge."