No Emmy Here

Television's excuse is the Nielson rating system. That's why the only two decent shows on the tube, "Man From Uncle" and "Slattery's People", are scheduled at the same time slot. What is Harvard's excuse. Once again the catalogue programmers have put all the big drawers on at 12 noon, MWF.

Such perversity is by now old hat. We accept it stoically, just as America accepts "Love of Life" and "Mr. Ed" (the talking horse). But, like the new TV season, this year's catalogue goes one step too far. Some one has displayed the acute prescience to schedule Government 104 and Philosophy 171 at the same time, MWF at 11. The former boasts Professor Maurice Cranston, one of the finest English political philosophers of the century. The latter features Professor John Rawls, perhaps the best mind in American political philosophy. Students interested in one are of course interested in the other. Why don't they run these things up the flag pole?

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