Leverett Could Grab Most Winter Intramural Points

Leverett House could well finish the winter sports season with more Straus points than any other House.

But intramurals director Nat Harris Warns that the championships in volleyball, fencing, and wrestling could upset the Leverett House lead.

At the end of the fall, Leverett trailed Eliot by 20 points. Quincy was only 2.5 points behind Leverett. Eliot has only one winter sports championship however--in hockey, where they have an 11-1-1 record. Their lone tie was with Leverett, second-place finisher. Lowell's 8-4-1 record placed it third.

But the intramural basketball championship, which will be decided next week, has aroused the most interest. The crown, determined by a combination of "A" league and "B" league points, will go to Kirkland, or to Leverett and Quincy.

Kirkland is in first place in the "A" league; Leverett and Quincy are tied for second. In the "B" league, Leverett and Quincy are tied for first place and Eliot is in second place.

Leverett and Quincy have finished their seasons in both league. But some teams, including Kirkland, still have one or two games left to play. The intramural basketball championship is determined by a complicated formula that no one quite understands. "A" league victories are known to be worth more than "B" league victories, though. A certain unknown combination, then, of "A" and "B" league wins could shuffle Leverett and Quincy into the intramural basketball championship.

Leverett had no trouble at all winning the swimming crown. Their closest meet was against Quincy House, which Leverett won 31-19. Leverett's final record was 8-0, Kirkland was second with a 7-1 record and Winthrop, with a 6-2 record, came in third.

Only in squash has Leverett done poorly. Their 3-7 records is near the bottom of the list. Lowell Houses, which will be playing one of Yale's Colleges today, is in first place with a 12-2 record. Dunster, which may not have reported all its games, is tentatively in second place with an 8-2 record. Adams ended the season in third place.

Robert Barrett and James Lamme helped win the intramural boxing championship for Leverett's last Wednesday night. Leverett's 19 points placed it six points ahead of Quincy. Eliot and Winthrop Houses tied for third place with eight points each.

Leverett also had the greatest number of participants in the boxing tournament.