Five Get Marshall Scholarships; More Harvard Winners Possible

Five seniors have won Marshall Scholarships for study in England next year. And there may be more.

Because a place in an English college must be found for each of the 24 annual winners, they are announced one by one. Schofield Andrews Jr. '43, Assistant Dean of the College, said yesterday that it is probably, and not just possible, that more Harvard winners will be announced.

Two of the winners, Irving R. Epstein '66 of Dunster House and New York and Bernard Lo '66 of Dunster House and Philadelphia, Penn., are roommates. Epstein will attend Balliol College at Oxford to study mathematical physics. Lo plans to attend the University of London to study physics.

David K. Campbell '66 of Adams House and Long Beach, Cal. will study mathematics of theoretical physics at Churchill College at Cambridge.

The two non-science winners are Benjamin M. Friedman '66 of Dunster-House and Louisville. Ky.. and James H. Kettner '66 of Adams House and Saginaw. Mich. Friedman will study economics at Kings College at Cambridge while Kettner plans to study history at the University of Sussex.

The stipend of the Marshall scholarships varies with the costs of the different British colleges. However it averages about $2500 annually, of which $ 750 is considered a personal allowance.

The winners are chosen by a British board of selectors. Twenty are chosen on a regional basis with four more selected as "scholarship-at-large"

Competition for the scholarship is considered as competitive as for the Rhodes. The British government established the program in 1953 "as a gesture of thanks for Marshall aid."