Freshmen Want Harvard Seniors As Advisors, HUC Poll Indicates

Some 500 freshmen responded to a poll conducted Friday by the Harvard Undergraduate Council to determine the strengths and weakness of the freshman proctor system, Greg B. Craig '67, president of the HUC said last night.

A report containing the exact results of the poll and an HUC proposal -- based on information obtained in previous studies -- to let some seniors act as advisors to freshmen will be circulated among Administrative members later this week.

Currently each freshman is assigned to an advisor, usually a graduate student. In most cases, the advisor is also the student's dorm proctor.

According to Craig, selected seniors should be allowed to live in freshmen forms and act as advisors. He would hope that the University would pay their room and board, and perhaps a salary. Seniors, Craig said, are involved in undergraduate life and they are close enough in age and interest to freshmen to do a good job.

The HUC is expected to approve a resolution at a meeting tomorrow which urges the Freshman Dean's Office to institute this program.

Von Stade Is Opposed

F. Skiddy von Stad '38, dean of Freshmen, who has jurisdiction over the proctor system, said last night that he is opposed to such a revision. "It isn't difficult to learn the specific things an advisor needs to know," he said. "What makes our men especially valuable is their enthusiasm and experience dealing with younger men."

He noted that present University regulation prohibit any undergraduate from examining the records of another undergraduate, thus -- barring an amendment -- making it impossible for seniors to act as effective advisors.

He will meet with Craig to discuss the proposed revisions within the next few days.