Custodian Finds Body in Charles

A custodian at Weld Boat House found the body of Joachim H. Harrowick, age 61, floating near Lars Anderson Bridge at 7:20 yesterday morning.

The Metropolitan District Police last night called the apparent drowning "an accident" and said the investigation was closed.

Peter Galvin of 36 Forbes St., Jamaica Plain, said he was getting a boat ready for the Winthrop House crew when he saw something in the water. "First I saw some hair, then a body," Galvin explained. "Another man, I'm not sure who it was, saw it when I did. We didn't tell the Winthrop crew right away though."

Galvin quickly called the police, who arrived shortly and pulled the body from the Charles. A neighbor identified the body as Harrowick's.

Harrowick lived at 15 Chauncy Ft., Cambridge. His wife reported him missing on Monday evening.

Police reported that Harrowick had come to Cambridge only recently. Prior to that time he had lived in Ottawa, Canada.