To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We too have noticed the current phenomenon around the square: increasing numbers of teenagers, hanging around with nothing to do.

We think it would be helpful to recognize as a fact that these kids are going to continue to be drawn to the square. Clearly the negative solutions that are being suggested or are currently in effect, such as putting on extra policemen or locking the gates of the Yard, do not solve the real problem: that the kids are there and that they are bored.

We feel that it would be a good idea for Phillips Brooks House or some other interested group to develop a positive alternative solution. Although most of the kids who congregate in the square do not live there, we think it would be wise to set up some kind of inexpensive recreational facilities in or near the square in recognition of the magnetism the extra exerts. Perhaps it could be a meeting place that sold inexpensive refreshments and provided free entertainment by talented people from the University: folk singers, rock and roll groups, dramatists, etc. Jane Page '68   Megan Greene '66   Minam Stone '66