Majority of RGA Oppose Change In Sign-Out Rule

A majority of Radcliffe Government Association members are opposed to the proposed changes in the sign-out rules, Suzanne Wilson '67, president of RGA, said last night.

It is the consensus of the RGA legislature that three of the proposals by the Social rules Committee last week should be changed, Miss Wilson said after the RGA meeting yesterday.

She said RGA will oppose the Rules Committee plan, which would require all students, after Thanksgiving of their sophomore year, to ask permission of their head resident to sign out after 3 a.m. for more than three consecutive nights.

It will suggest instead that after Thanksgiving of sophomore year, all students be permitted to sign out indefinitely without permission. They would also suggest that upperclassmen need not sign out at all, if they plan to return to their dorm before 4 a.m. The Rules Committee had suggested a 3 a.m. deadline for no sign-outs, which was a revision of the present 10 p.m. limit.

RGA will also suggest, Miss Wilson said, that all sophomores be bound by the rules that apply to juniors and seniors, rather than those for freshmen. This would mean, under the terms of RGA's newest proposals, that sophomores would not have to ask permission for sign-outs, regardless of hour or duration.

It is also likely that RGA will oppose the Rules Committee requirement that freshmen ask their head residents for any permissions after 1 a.m., Mill Wilson said. They will probably suggest that freshmen also be allowed to ask their dorm presidents, or any member of the student dorm committee, she said.

The major revision of the present sign-out rules was submitted to RGA by the Social Rules Committee, composed of students and members of the administration, a week ago. At that time the Rules Committee had recommended permitting freshmen to sign out without permission until 1 a.m., and sophomores before Thanksgiving until 3 a.m., and upperclassmen until any hour, provided that they did not sign out after 3 p.m. for more than three nights in a row.

They also recommended that no student be required to state her destination in the sign-out book. Instead, students would put their destination on a card in a closed box, which would be examined only in case of emergency. RGA did not oppose this proposal.

The proposals of the Rules Committee are slated to come before the RGA legislature for a vote next Thursday. According to Miss Wilson there is very little chance that they will be passed unless modified by the RGA's majority opinion.