Cornell, Green Romp, Fight for Ivy Laurels

Cornell's dark-horse title contender more than kept pace with Harvard Saturday by clobbering Priceton. 47-13. Dartmouth also ran up an impressive 23-0 shutout of Penn as the 1967 Ivy League race crystallized into another three-team battle among the Big Red, Big Green, and Crimson.

The Ithacans look better each game they play, and so does their unheralded quarterback Bill Robertson. The 6-1. 205-lb. junior from Oregon completed 16 of 20 passes for 221 yards in his Ivy League debut. Three of his tosses went 17. 27, and 33 yards for touchdowns to senior end Bill Murphy, who lettered as a defensive back the last two years.

Cornell's ground game matched the aerial attack in potency. Junior halfback Jim Heeps, who has broken 10 seconds in the 100-yard dash, led the way with scoring runs of 22 and 4 yards.

Co-defending champion Princeton scored the first time it got the ball on a 50-yard pass, then was blanked until the fourth quarter.

Dartmouth not only stopped Penn's pitching ace. Bill Creeden, cold, but it rolled up 23 points without quarterback Gene Ryzewicz. The Indian star rested an injured knee as sophomore Bill Koenig hit 11 of 22 passes, including five to his buddy, Bob Mlakar. The Indians added 206 yards on the ground to the 213 gained passing--and this was despite a steady drizzle through the second half.

The Green defense was the big story of the afternoon. Quaker Cabot Knowlton. Penn's big runner, picked up only 41 yards in 17 carries, and Creeden hit on a pitiful 10 of 32 passes.

Add Ryzewicz, at either halfback or quarterback, to this big Green team, and Harvard will be faced with an opposition in two weeks possibly matched only by Cornell next week.

Yale finally exploded with a 35-0 win over Brown, but a win over the Bruins does more for third-stringers' egos than for a team's reputation. The Elis racked up 326 yards rushing and 148 yards passing.