The Greek junta has forced the nation's 200,000 civil servants to fill out a questionnaire that is being used as a criterion for continued employment. The questionnaire, marked "Top Secret," is issued to each civil servant and must be completed on the spot. The regime has made a concerted effort to prevent its publication, and the copy which the Crimson has seen may be one of the first to be smuggled out of the country.

The following questions are directly translated from the questionnaire:

1. To which Organization, Committee or Association have you belonged or do you belong, and from what date? ...Do you continue to be a member, or when did you cease to be?

2. Have you ever to date been a member of a communist or other organization which is a tool of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) or which, directly or indirectly, assists the purposes and goals of the KKE, especially the National Front of Liberation (EAM), National Solidarity, ELAS, EPON, United Democratic Left (EDA), EDA Youth, Democratic Movement G. LAMBRAKIS, League of Greek Women Voters (PEG), Greek Committee for International Amity and Peace, Bertrand Russell Committee for Peace and Disarmament, Democratic Labor Movement, Committee for the free functioning and activity of the parties ordinating Committee of Working and the legalization of KKE, Coordinating Committee of Working Greek Youth, Coordinating Committee of Working Women, Panhellenic Struggle for the Defense of Constitution and Democracy, National Student Union of Greece (EFEE), Coordinating Committee of High School Students (SEMME).

3. On behalf of which of the above organizations and at what time have you ever participated, directly or indirectly, in a collection of funds for the benefit of either their members of their goals, whether at the instigation of the organization or of your own accord? Have you ever contributed to such a collection of funds?

4. Have you ever cooperated or do you cooperate directly or indirectly with one of these organizations even without officially being a member? With which, and when?

5. Have you ever propagandized on behalf of one of these organizations, its platform of its goals, even without being a member?

6. Have you ever met or maintained contact with supporters of the communist party? With whom and when?

7. Have you ever participated in "peace marches," or in unauthorized outdoor public gatherings during which communist or anti-national slogans were heard? When?

8. Have you ever been arrested by Police or Military authorities? When and for what reason?

9. Have you ever participated in a public gathering during which breach of the peace occurred? When?

10. Does any member of your family belong to any of the above commuist organizations, or reside in a country under communist rule?

11. Do you acknowledge that the Communist Party of Greece and its variously-named organizations, through their activities and acts to date, have totally betrayed the national interest and have attempted by every means to overthrow the social system, to reach power, to dismember the Country, to bring it into and make it subservient to the Slavo-Communist camp, to estrange the Greek people from Greek Christian ideals, and have caused huge destruction to the Country and un-heard-of crimes against the People?

12. Do you condemn the KKE and its above variously-named organizations?

13. Are you willing to serve honorably and faithfully the Fatherland?

14. Do you promise not to do anything against your national obligations and your duty as defined by the Laws? ...and

15. Especially, do you promise not to leak state secrets or other information that you acquire as a result of your work, nor to counteract in any way the work of the State?

Having studied carefully and in absolute calmness the above questionnaire, and in full knowledge of the criminal sanctions in case of false declaration, I declare that my answers, the product of my free and uninfluenced will, correspond fully to the truth and that I hid nothing relating to the questions presented me. Signature ..................