Off-Campus Living Charge Attacked by RGA Members

A proposal to let 130 Radcliffe seniors live in non-college housing if they pay for college services was opposed at a meeting of the Radcliffe Government Association yesterday by students who feared it would "tax girls to live off-campus."

Rachel Radlo '68 said that it is unreasonable to ask Cliffies living off campus to pay for services they do not use.

Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe, who presented the proposal, said that the service payment would finance the operations of Hilles Library, the Dean's Office, and other Radcliffe offices which all students use.

"If people living off-campus don't pay for these services, then those still living on campus will be taxed because we would have to get the money from a rise in tuition and elsewhere," she said. "We can't run Radcliffe on air."

Opponents of the proposal suggested that the $300 service charge would not allow students with financial problems to pay the possibly higher costs of living off-campus instead of at Radcliffe.

RGA also passed a resolution urging that the Election Committee accept nomination papers for the Student Faculty Advisory Council from students on probation.

It said that the Committee on Educational Policy had not "adequately considered RGA's unanimous decision to allow students on probation to serve on the Advisory Council and to hold elections on a college-wide basis.

The Election Committee, made up of the three Radcliffe House presidents, will meet next week to decide whether students on probation will be eligible for election.

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