Graffiti Writers Find Benefactor

Slogan writers no longer have to lurk in subway W.C.'s to display their anonymous talent. Now they can show their genius by entering the "Instant Graffiti" contest.

The person who can write the most creative graffiti before midnight next Thursday will win $25 cash from the Shintron Company, Inc., which manufactures medical equipment and television parts.

Graffiti Boxes

The Shintron Company has placed boxes for the graffiti at the Business School Coop, Nini's, Felix's, Browser's Corner, and the Paperback Booksmith. Twenty-five blank stickers are available at these depots for $1,98, but contest candidates do not have to use them.

Webster's describes "graffiti" as being "a rude inscription or drawing found on walls or stones." However, graffiti for the contest can take any form, be it on a sign, bumper sticker, or toilet paper.

Howard Anderson, manager of the medical division of the Shintron Company, discovered the popularity of graffiti when he found that blank stickers which happened to be in the Shintron building were disappearing with amazing speed.

Spreading Enthusiasm

Anderson, who graduated from Harvard Business School this year, started the contest, hoping that this prolific enthusiasm will spread throughout Cambridge.

The Shintron Company gave some suggestions for exemplary graffiti: "Wallace, Stand Fast--You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Sheet"; "Draft Students--Leave Beer Alone"; "Richard Nixon Sold This Used Car to Me."