Coop May Stock Lennon-Ono LP

The Coop will probably stock the new controversial LP by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, if Massachusetts courts will allow it to be distributed in the state.

The album, entitled "Two Virgins," features a full-length front view of Lennon and Ono in the nude on its cover.

Lawsuits Expected

Both Tetragrammaton Records, which will distribute the LP in the United States, and the Coop, expect lawsuits and court battles over it.

As another result of the Lennon-Ono controversy, Cambridge newsstands will not carry the November 23 issue of Rolling Stone. Capitol News Company, the sole local distributer of the magazine, has not ordered this issue because it contains a full-page foldout of the pair in the nude.

Coop Will Sell

"We are opposed to censorship," Al Zavelle, the Coop's general merchandise manager, said yesterday. "What is so terrible about two people in the nude?" he added.

Briggs & Briggs, a record store on Mass. Ave, will not stock "Two Virgins," even if allowed to do so by the courts. "We don't stock anything we consider to be off-color," manager Ormand Humphreys said yesterday.