A Mind-Bender for the Weight-Lifters

Following is the CRIMSON's first annual athletic intelligence test. Score five points for each question you answer correctly. The more points you score, the happier you will be. Answers will appear next week.

Professional Baseball

1. Who was the last batter to face Don Larsen in the latter's World Series no-hitter in 1956?

2. Which major league team offered $1,000,000 for Cleveland pitcher Herb Score? Whose line drive virtually ended Score's career?

3. Who hit the ball that necessitated Willie Mays' "impossible" catch in the 1954 World Series?

4. Who was the first Negro to play in the American League? For the Red Sox?

5. Who was the Splendid Splinter? The Big Train? The Big Six? Pistol Pete? The Wild Horse of the Osage? The Yankee Clipper?

6. Who was the only midget to ever play major league baseball? For whom did he play?

7. Who served up Roger Maris' 61st home run?

8. Which team defeated the Tigers on the last day of the 1967 season to insure Boston of the pennant?

9. When was the last pennant playoff?

10. Name five major leaguers who have had movies made of their lives?

11. Name the starting Boston outfield in 1956.

12. In 1966, Baltimore took the World Series in four straight games. When was the last time this was done?

13. Who are the only two pitchers ever to combine for a no-hitter?

14. Where was the only tie All-Star game played?

15. Who was the youngest pitcher ever to win a major-league game?


16. Who are the only non-Americans to hold the heavyweight boxing title?

17. What title bout drew the largest gate?

18. Who is the only heavyweight to lose and regain his title?

19. Who was the referee at the Carnera-Baer title fight?

20. Who is the heavyweight champion of the world if you live in Boston? In San Francisco? If you read Riag Magazine?

Professional Basketball

21. Who was the last team before Philadelphia to defeat the Celtics in an NBA championship playoff?

22. Name the colleges from which the following players graduated: Sam Jones, Jerry Lucas, Rick Barry, Jerry West, Rudy LaRusso, Wilt Chamberlain.

23. Who was Boston's starting center before Russell?

24. Who was the 1968 NBA scoring champion?

25. Name the eight NBA teams in 1956 by appropriate division and city.

26. Who won the ABA championship in 1968?

27. Who are the only two athletes to compete for a pro basketball and a pro baseball team in the same year? For which teams did they play?

Professional Hockey

28. Who holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes in a season? Who currently stands an excellent chance of breaking his mark?

29. In the 1927 Stanley Cup playoffs, the New York Rangers were forced to use their coach as a goalie when the regular one was injured. Who was the coach?

30. Which was the last non-Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup? When?

31. In Montreal Forum, penalties and goals are announced in both French and English. Which language is used first?

32. Where do the Detroit Red Wings play? (In what arena.)

College Hockey

33. Last year, Brown was the only Eastern team to defeat Cornell. Who was the only team to do it the year before?

34. Only two teams in history have defeated Clarkson and St. Lawrence in their own rinks in the same season. Who were they and what years did they do it?

35. Which team placed all six starters on the All-Ivy team and what year? How many did they place on the second team?

36. In 1960, Harvard defeated an Ivy League team 18-0 and 13-0. Who was this team?

37. Which is the only major hockey school in the East to have never used a Canadian player?

College Football

38. Who was Army's original "Lonely End?"

39. Which Big Ten team has been least recently to the Rose Bowl?

40. Which team ended Oklahoma's 50-plus winning streak in the mid- 1950's? By what score?

41. Who did Notre Dame beat to "win one for the Gipper?"

42. Who were the original Four Horsemen?

Professional Football

43. Who was the last 60-minute pro football player? For whom and at what positions did he play?

44. Who is the only Harvard player currently on a professional roster?

45. Which city held the Redskins franchise previous to Washington?

46. Name the starting Giant backfield which played in the sudden death loss to Baltimore a decade ago.

47. How many NFL teams have failed to ever win a divisional title? Who are they?

48. Which AFL team has led the league in attendance for the past three years? Which NFL team?

49. Which college has the second most graduates playing professional football?

50. Name the Rams' front four in 1967.

SPECIAL TOPICAL BONUS QUESTION: What is Joe Namath's home town