Medical School

About 110 of the Medical School's 146 first-year students met Saturday for two hours and voted 59-30 with 23 abstentions to "deplore the hasty actions of the University hierarchy in its indiscriminate use of violence before all reasonable alternatives had been thoroughly pursued and several members of the University consulted in this drastic action."

The students also voted 92-0 in favor of the Friday Faculty resolution and 50-34 against Dean Ford's statement to the Faculty.

In another vote, the students decided 95-0 to set up a joint student-faculty-administration committee to evaluate with members of the community the policy decisions involved in the affiliated hospital complex.

An undetermined number of Med School students have decided to strike today and march from the Med School to the meeting at Soldier's Field starting at noon.

Seventy-five first-year students met last night to draw up several proposals to be voted upon by the Med School students tomorrow. The results of the vote will be announced at a meeting tomorrow night.