The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

President Pusey's statement to the SFAC meeting of March 25 has confirmed the analysis of the opponents of ROTC on two crucial issues.

The first is that the real power in the University lies in the Corporation and not in the "proper channels" of which we hear so much. The Faculty was allowed to take responsibility for the issue as long as it seemed that the Corporation's wishes would be carried out. When the Faculty made a somewhat unsatisfactory decision, the Corporation thanked them, told them what they were and were not entitled to do, and manipulated (overruled) their decision precisely to its own desires. For the only "obstacle" the Faculty created (Corporation appointments), they have "lawyers working on a way to get around this." It is now obvious that the "channels" are gone. The Corporation has the power, and it wants ROTC to stay.

The second thing that Pusey's defense of ROTC showed was the political character of the issue. ROTC is not here to help students fulfill their military obligations in the easiest way (C.O.'s have not been given the same opportunity). And it is not here to preserve the "freedom from interference" or the neutrality of the University. (Bending over backwards, manipulating laws, and overruling Faculty decisions to satisfy the Pentagon is hardly preserving independence, and contracting with the Army to provide officers to fight the Vietnamese is hardly neutral). President Pusey clearly stated the reasons for ROTC's presence. He said that the government in Washington is our government, "and the military arm of that government remains our arm." He said it was "terribly important for the United State of America that college people go into the military." SDS has stated all along that the issue is a political one; we are glad President Pusey has confirmed this so explicitly.

To conclude: President Pusey and the Corporation want ROTC to stay because they support the U.S. military and the policies it carries out; we feel that ROTC must go because we oppose the policies of the United States and we oppose the military that perpetrates them. The lines are clearly drawn; the time to take sides is now. Miles Rapoport   Naomi Schapiro   Carlin Meyer   Rick Brown   H-R SDS