as soon as possible and to put them into effect no later than the end of the academic year 1969-70. The committee hopes to have worked out satisfactory terms by the end of this summer. Whatever immediate changes can be put into effect will be instituted by September, 1969. In the meantime the committee will assure students who are members of the units under present arangements that the University's commitments to them will be met.

There have been rumors that the negotiating committee might attempt to circumvent the Faculty's resolutions regarding credit for courses offered by ROTC units and appointments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. On the contrary, the committee regards these resolutions as guidelines for its work. Others in the community have speculated that adoption of these guidelines will surely result in the withdrawal of all three units. While it is not yet clear exactly how the new arrangements will be worked out, withdrawal of the units seems to me to be an extremely unlikely outcome. Fred L. Glimp   Dean of Harvard College