Mayor Proposes Athletic Facilities Above Overpass

Instead of walking from the Yard to Memorial Hail you may soon be running on the "Elihu Yale track" or across the "Nathan Pusey Stadium" if Cambridge Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci has his way.

Vellucci proposed last night at the City Council meeting that the City of Cambridge use its land above the Cambridge St, overpass as an athletic facility for Cambridge's two high schools.

The mayor brought the idea to the City Council with the backing of the School Committee, which discussed the proposal last week as an alternative to the acquisition of the Dodge Chemical Company at 160 Cambridge St.

City Property

Vellucci pointed out to the School Committee that the Dodge property would cost the city some two million dollars, whereas the city already owns the property above the overpass.

The City Council passed a motion introduced by Vellucci last night ordering the city engineer to survey all of the land above the overpass in order to determine the number of square feet. The engineer will give a certified report before the City Council next week.

Vellucci gave another reason for his proposal saying, "We're afraid that if we just let time pass the people of Cambridge will forget that this is their land and Harvard University will just take over.