CHUL Subcommittee Wants Pets Permitted

A subcommittee of the Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Life will recommend that students be allowed to keep pets, Ben Moore III '71, chairman of the subcommittee, said yesterday.

"We will propose that students register their pets with their senior tutor," Moore said. "If complaints about a pet are made, the senior tutor will warn the owner. If further complaints are recorded, he may rescind pet privileges for that person."

"If in the judgment of a senior tutor," Moore said "any pet is not being cared for, or is left alone for long periods of time, privileges may again be withheld from the owner."

The recommendation comes one week after Charles P. Whitlock, associate dean of the College and secretary of the Administrative Board, sent a letter to Moore asking for ways to improve the current situation.

"Severe interpersonal strains among members of various house staffs" are resulting from unchecked and uncared-for pets, Whitlock said. He asked the seven-member subcommittee to present a solution when the committee meets this Wednesday.

Moore expects the proposed plan to be changed slightly before being passed. "But the chances for letting students keep their pets are pretty good," he said.