Faculty Liberals Dine On Education Reform

A group of prominent Faculty members met informally over a private dinner at the Faculty Club last night to discuss the "educational problems at Harvard College," Bruce Chalmers, Master of Winthrop House, said.

Chalmers emphasized that the meeting was "completely unofficial" and "unrepresentative," adding that "it was not meant to propose any kind of curriculum reform."

Although he "didn't think he should go into detail" about a private discussion, Chalmers did say that no decisions were made at the dinner.

Chalmers organized the dinner with the help of Jerome S. Bruner, Master of Currier House, and Stanley Hoffmann, professor of Government, inviting about a dozen friends and colleagues "who might be interested in matters connected with education."

Bruner had hoped "there would be a lively discussion of curriculum" at the dinner.