YAF's Speaker Gives His O. K. To Homosexuals

Shades of the Damned? What does it mean when the right takes sides with a cause usually allied with the left? Last night YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) speaker David Brudnoy, a self-described "implacable foe of Negro fanaticism and New Left absurdity," defended homosexuality before a politically-mixed and sometimes mystified crowd of 36 people.

A Brandels professor, Brudnoy quoted Plutarch, Socrates, Herodotus. Plato and Aristotle to prove his point that homosexuality has been accepted throughout history, notably among Persians, Spartans, Athenians, medieval Japanese, Romans (toward the fall of their empire), and Mojave Indians.

He pointed out that homosexuality was not condemned by history. nor by Natural Law ("Natural Law is a vital cornerstone of our [the conservative] tradition"), nor by the Bible.

It was a matter of personal freedom, he said. "We conservatives thought we knew what 'doing our own thing' was before Arlo Guthrio was even Bar Mitzvahed."

"We talk about freedom," he lamented, "but we mean it for the pocketbook, not for the groin."