Goes On Tour With Brecht's'A Man's A Man'

hearing. Theatron rehearsals have generally spanned the weekends; Thursday night, Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night, and all day Sunday.

"Granted, it's a rigorous schedule, but it's not impossible. This summer when I was doing summer stock, we were doing three shows in repertory and we had to get them all ready to open in the same week, so that the five week rehearsal period that we had went from nine in the morning to eleven at night, seven days a week. It's been a strain on people, but I think it's the best way of getting a show like this together."

"It's also not so horrible if you consider that if you were doing a show at college, you'd be a student during the day and an actor afternoons and evenings. You are with it all the time: it's a constant pressure."

"What has happened is that people have given up all their free time-weekends are free time."

"Another thing that I have noticed is that I don't even know what day it is."

"It's more pressured when you're rehearsing, but you don't have the constant thing of every night, and the fact that you do get away from it . . ."

"I can study on Monday."

"For example, the first week we were rehearsing, on Thursday night-???h it was just abominabale, and by Sunday you had the feeling of a show getting together. By the end of this block of time you felt that you had really accomplished something. It wears people out but it really polishes a show."

"The difficulty is that during the week if people aren't rehearsing, they're studying, and weekends are times when you recover physically. And this is why Polly's voice has been maybe permanently destroyed."

"It will take her a few months to recover."

"I think I get an average of about three hours sleep a night."

"All Polly has to do is do what Dylan did and stop smoking."

"Well anyway you see my point that that's where the real sacrifice comes in."

"Yeah, you end the weekend exhausted and then you have to star the week."

"You know, it's a funny thing how you used to look forward to weekends and now, "The weekend's coming-Ohmygod. it's the weekend again!' "

Total Theatre

Theatron is as close to total theatre as any newly-born essentially collegiate group could hope to be. People have not said, "Well, I'm an actor and therefore I do not help construct the set," or "I'm a technical person and don't bring that tube of makeup near me." A sense of cooperation permeates both the concept and the fact of Theatron.