The M.I.T. Electric Car

Two M.I.T. students who built a battery-driven car with a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour demonstrated the car yesterday at M.I.T.

The builders, David Saar and William Carson. said that the car would average between 50 and 70 miles per hour. The car. which cost $25.000. is equipped with speed-increasing and friction-reducing devices along with the standard STP sticker on the window.

Saar and Carson have entered the car in the second Clean Air Car Race, to be held next summer. The race, sponsored by two professors, one from M.I.T. and another from Cal Tech, will begin in Cambridge on Aug. 24 and finish in Pasadena. Calif. about seven days later. Other entries are from Cal Tech, Cornell. Toronto, and Pennsylvania.

The first race held two years ago, was a contest between an earlier battery-driven car of Saar and Carson, and an entry from Cal Tech. One-hundred miles from Pasadena. the M.I.T. car, which was leading by 24 hours, broke down and had to be towed to the finish.

Cal Tech won the race by 30 minutes.