Research Group Aids Doves in '70 Elections

Students from Harvard and M.I.T. are researching environment, economics and national priorities for some eighty peace candidates who are challenging incumbent representatives in the fall congressional elections.

Charles E. Schumer '71, president of the H-R Young Democrats, and Richard M. Neustadt, a first-year law student. head the group. The thirty-member team meets weekly in small seminars to discuss the proposed issues from two points of view: criticism of present administrative policy and development of new programs. Schumer said he hoped to expand the present program so that specific topics such as the Defense budget might also be examined closely.

The group is an off-shoot of a national peace organization called Referendum '70, consisting of students and former McCarthy and Kennedy staffers concerned with electing peace candidates in the '70 elections.

The first study, dealing with economic policies, will be completed within three weeks. This paper will then be sent to the eighty peace candidates whom Schumer calls "Democratic left-wingers."