Free University Plans Full Week Of New Courses

The Free University, a coalition of diverse political and educational groups, will initiate Sunday a series of programs aimed at students who want to structure their education according to their individual needs.

Tomorrow's activities will include outdoor classes on the overpass across from Memorial Hall in yoga, free dance, and self-defense, and a teach-in on the Black Panthers at 4 p.m. in Emerson 210.

Later in the week, the Free University will sponsor a day care center, a poster workshop, and discussion groups on ecology, radical arts and skills, Cuba, women's liberation, Asia, political economy, and radical alternatives to traditional careers.

"We want to take advantage of the creative liberated energies that will be released during next week's anti-war protests," said David Holmstrom, a teaching fellow in Government and Social Studies who helped start the group.

A group of graduate students and junior faculty originated the idea of the Free University, but Holmstrom said that the university cannot continue to exist without student support.

Among the groups participating in the university are the Union of Radical Political Economics, the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars, the Old Mole, Bread and Roses, the Ecology Coalition, Newsreel, the New College, Venceremos Brigade, welfare rights groups, and the Graduate School of Design.